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Canada’s largest “small port”

It means something different to each one of our clients.

Canada’s largest
small port

A schoolteacher in Nunavut knows reliability. Her shipments, no matter how small, always arrive in the right condition.

Shipping companies see our exclusive intermodal advantages. An experienced crew. And some of the lowest stevedoring costs on the Seaway.
Distributors and manufacturers focus on the flexibility of our warehouses. Proximity to major markets. Management expertise. Not to mention easy access to the entire Eastern seaboard.
Industrial project managers see just about everything. Decades of Arctic project experience. Complex staging for remote destinations. An independent workforce. All the way down to our proprietary digital manifesting system.
While every client looks at something unique, they all share one thing in common. Valport gives them something that no other port can offer: The features of a large facility, with the bottom line sensibility of a small one.
Valport. Find out what it could mean for you.

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